Awais Honey's FV Cup championship run

After Awais Honey's championship run in Malaysia, we sat down with him to discuss how he managed to win his first ever international event over competition such as Knee, NOBI, KHAN, ULSAN and Chikurin.

What was is it like attending your first ever TWT event? Did you feel the nerves when you were facing some of the best players in the world?

It was very exciting. Yes, I felt the pressure but the feeling of excitement overtook me throughout the tournament.

I've heard this is your first time travelling outside of Pakistan. Tell us about your time in Malaysia?

Yes, it was a nice first experience. Malaysia is a very beautiful country with very friendly people. I liked the overall atmosphere. Its just a bit costly when compared to Pakistan.

The combos you showed during your matches were out of this world. How much time have you put in for practice?

I have been practicing quite a bit. I just love to try new things in practice mode. I also love combo challenges. If someone has good combos then please let me know.

Is it true that you have only played for 10 months?

No, I have been playing Tekken for a long time but as a secondary game. My main game was King of fighter. I started taking Tekken seriously and competing 10 months ago.

What was going through your mind when you were two matches down against Nobi in the losers finals?

Nobi is a very experienced and one of the top players. I was also a bit nervous. But, I wanted to challenge myself and I won.

You just won TWT FV CUP from the losers brackets against one of the most decorated Tekken players of all time, ROX | Knee. How are you feeling?

I feel great of course. Yes, Knee is the one of the icons of Tekken and playing against him in the final was really a different and wonderful experience.

Why did you decide Akuma as a main?

Because I had ample experience playing King of fighters and Akuma has a similar play style. This is why I enjoyed using Akuma in Tekken 7. I also just love the character. I feel Akuma has a play style that is very unique. A play style that many other Tekken characters do not have.

Any last thoughts, mentions or shoutouts?

I would love to continue to grow with Pakistani FGC.

Congratulations Awais, we are very excited to see your growth and impact on the Tekken World Tour in the events to come. #WEAREGENUINE

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