GG x Tao Fights Showcase Event

Updated: Mar 11

At Genuine Gaming, we are dedicated to shining light on underdeveloped, smaller communities. Using our influence as a stepping stone for some of the best hidden talent in the world. This was initially seen through our influence within the Pakistani FGC/Esports communities. Today, we are proud to announce we have partnered up with Tao Fights, an event organiser from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. We will be closely working with John and the team to shed light onto the immense, untapped talent the Ivory Coast has to offer the FGC.

Managing Director, Royce An had this to say, "We're looking to showcase many communities and talent across the world. We're delighted to partner up with TAO fights to show the world the Ivory Coast FGC. We'll continue to bring light to the FGC in whatever way we can."

To begin with, we will be showcasing the best FGC talent the Ivory Coast has to offer, GST | Skywalker (Law player) and PTL | M Batch (Dragunov Player)

We look forward to broadcasting some of the best Tekken the Ivory Coast has to offer this coming Sunday, 15th of March on our Twitch Channel.

all things Genuine Gaming, follow us on our social media channels and we will be sure to update you with everything going on! Thank you to the #GGFAM for always supporting our endeavors and to Qanba for the continued support!





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