The Tekken World Tour regular season is officially over. There have been fourteen Master and Master+ events, thirteen challenger events, and hundreds of Dojo events put on across the world this season. Champions have been crowned, points have been awarded, and the top 19 players who will be invited to TWT global finals has been set.

It’s been an exciting first season for Genuine Gaming, as two of our Tekken players have automatically qualified for a shot at becoming the TWT champion for 2019, and we have another three members awaiting their turn to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier, with a chance at claiming the 20th and final spot for the crown.

The team and our guys have a lot of buzz around them entering TWT Finals, and deservedly so. Three of our competitors are new signings this year. Two of them have started travelling for tournaments only in the last few months. Our GG competitors have gotten straight to work in winning several Master, Challenger, and Dojo level tournaments alike since their arrival.

Accolades and tournament wins are nice, but the real work is just beginning. Our players have their eyes on the title of TWT Champion, and we’re preparing to head off to Thailand to prove ourselves in a matter of days.

Awais Honey and Atif Butt at Dubai Rox'n'Roll

Let’s take a look at our Tekken representatives, get a look at their 2019 accomplishments, and give the backstory behind the names and faces that we’re excited to have wearing our jerseys in Bangkok.

Awais Honey raising his Dubai Rox'n'Roll Trophy

Awais Honey

Name: Awais Iftikhar

Twitter: @awaishoney94

Country: Pakistan

Main Character: Akuma

TWT Points: 815 (9th in Global Rankings)

Notable Placings

1st place, FV Cup Challenger Malaysia.

1st place, E-Sports Pakistan Dojo Cup.

2nd place, Tokyo Tekken Masters.

3rd place, Takra Cup Dojo Event Pakistan.

1st place, ROXnRoll Dubai Master Event.

Awais, in his so far brief international career, has become a major threat in the Tekken World Tour. He’s only been travelling internationally for tournaments since August, and in that 3 months has already accrued enough points to qualify for TWT finals in the top 10. He’s placed no lower than 3rd in any TWT event that he’s attended.

Awais exploded onto the scene when KuroKuro and Chikurin took a trip to Pakistan to showcase an exhibition of the local talent. Awais made absolutely no waste of his opportunity to have a crack at one of Japan’s best Tekken players. He beat him convincingly, 10-0, in a first-to-ten with his signature Akuma.

This was largely the first time that anyone in the Tekken scene had heard of Awais, as the Pakistani Tekken community was mostly unknown before this year. He was one of the first players to prove that Arslan Ash wasn’t kidding around when he said there were more players like him back in Pakistan.

He was signed by Genuine shortly after the exhibition, and within a week he was travelling to tournaments, proving his skills were for real immediately. He won FV Cup in Malaysia after beating Knee 3-0 and 3-1 in grand finals.

His performance in his short season has brought him from an unknown, unnamed player, to one of the TWT finals favorites seemingly overnight. Awais has a lot of momentum behind him, and he’s poised to expand on his legacy in Thailand this in two weeks.

Saint making his entrance at CEO2019


Name: Jinwoo Choi

Twitter: @TK_SAINT

Country: Korea

Main Characters: Jack, Bob.

TWT Points: 596 (19th in Global Rankings)

Notable Placings

7th place, CEO Daytona Masters Event.

3rd place, Summer Jam 2019 Masters Event.

4 first place, Dojo Event finished in 2019.

If you’ve been following Tekken for a long time, then this man needs no introduction. Unlike our other two signings this year, Saint is an international tournament veteran who came into 2019 with an impressive championship pedigree. Saint has placed top two in both EVO and TWT finals twice, winning both the King of Iron Fist Tournament and EVO Las Vegas in 2016.

Saint is no stranger to the highest levels of competition, and he put his hat back into the ring when he signed with GG this past summer. It certainly hasn’t been the easiest year for Saint, but he’s been getting stronger with every tournament he’s played this year.

Going into Dreamhack Atlanta, the final Master event of the year, Saint was in danger of being knocked out of the top 19 by other hungry competitors looking to secure their own spot from outside the top 20. Saint wasn’t having any of it. He managed to clutch it out with a hard-earned 4th place finish, and comes into TWT finals sitting 19th.

There’s far more to a player than their initial ranking, and Saint will look to be a prime example of that in Thailand. A player with this much experience is always going to be dangerous. He’s well-travelled, he’s fought the world’s best, and he’s familiar with clutch situations, many times with a championship on the line. His previous exploits will serve him well as he fights through a field of new and familiar faces alike.

Atif Butt playing at Dubai Rox'n'Roll

Atif Butt

Name: Atif Ijaz

Twitter: @AtifButt540

Country: Pakistan

Main Characters: Jin, Akuma.

TWT Points: 410 (29th in Global Rankings.)

Notable Placings

13th Place, Rox'n'Roll Dubai Master Event.

1st place, Takra Cup Dojo Event Pakistan.

1st Place, Tokyo Tekken Masters.

Our final player to highlight is our LCQ assassin, Atif Butt. Atif’s story is very similar to Awais. His emergence onto the scene also came from his results in the KuroKuro first-to-ten exhibition, where he defeated Chikurin 10-4 with his Jin. Arslan Ash referred to him at this event as the best Jin in the world, which is no compliment to take lightly. Lately, he’s been favoring Akuma in tournament.

He was signed by GG shortly after the signing of Awais Honey. In very similar fashion, he won his international tournament debut with a victory at Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019. The most impressive thing about Atif’s journey so far is that he nearly qualified for TWT Finals outright with only 3 tournament appearances!

Since he came just short of qualifying for the main event based on TWT points, he will be attending the Last Chance Qualifier in Thailand for a shot at the final spot in the top 20.

The best Tekken players in the world who didn’t qualify for the main event will be attending, so it will be a long and difficult road for Atif to qualify. If he’s proven anything in his short time travelling, though, it’s that he can certainly handle any challenge thrown his way, and that he’s a threat to win on any given day. He’s no stranger to slaying gods, either. Here’s a video of him recently beating THE Ryan Hart in a Kazuya mirror.

Dee-on Grey

Name: Danqing XU

Twitter: @Deeon_Grey

Country: Australia

Main Characters: Jack.

TWT Points: 186


Name: Elie Abouraad

Twitter: @4LCH3M15T

Country: Australia

Main Characters: Kazumi.

TWT Points: 107

We couldn't forget our Aussie boys who will be also looking to do some damage at the LCQ in Thailand. Our two local boys will be heading into the event with a 'what can we lose' attitude. Don't count them out, on their day they can be very dangerous!

We want to wish these five the best of luck on their journeys to become Tekken World Tour Champion 2019. We know that they’ll give their best, and that their best is good enough to beat anyone.

The Tekken World Tour Finals will be held at the KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand on December 7th (LCQ) and December 8th (Finals day) 2019.

The event begins at 10am Indochina Time (Find your timezone HERE.)

Tickets can be found here if you’d like to attend the event in person.

The tournament will be streamed at

Make sure to follow us on twitter @GenuineGamingAU for updates on our team’s performance. Also, make sure you check out, where we’re constantly streaming exhibition matches between the best and brightest in Tekken.

#WEAREGENUINE Written by Mayo

Edited by Sauce

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