Welcome PastorSKAR

Today, we are excited to announce PastorSKAR has joined the #GGFAM! Managing Director, Royce An had this to say: "Kiran is the embodiment of the Genuine Gaming culture. He loves people and dedicates his life to building community. He will be joining Genuine Gaming as a content creator and player counselor. He will be drawing on his wealth of experience as a counselor to facilitate growth and strong mental health not just for our players but anyone within esports who needs someone to reach out to. This is something we at Genuine Gaming value highly."

"Being Genuine is what the #SKARFAM is all about so when presented with the opportunity to partner up with Genuine Gaming it was a no brainer. Love the heart behind this Organisation and excited to see what the future will bring! Looking forward to getting to know you all much more! #GG" - PastorSKAR.

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